Event Experience

Event Experience

When it comes to events, we’re always looking for the next best thing to create the most unique and memorable experience for our clients and their guests. Our goal is to provide a unique experience and leave the guests impressed and talking about the event for months after the experience. If it’s the main event or smaller components of your event consider incorporating our Mobile Spa experience into your event. With Spa In Your Space, we can can create unique experiences such as our Fragrance Bar, Oxygen Bar and our Beauty & Brow Bar to name a few. Let us bring the “Wow Factor” to your next Event!


The Fragrance Bar

Enjoy a unique and interactive experience as you create your very own Signature Scent from our Fragrance Bar. Each guest will take home a beautiful roller bottle of the Perfume they created. The Fragrance Bar is unisex, therefore, men can create a Signature Cologne for themselves as well. We have made the process intuitive and informative so those with little or no knowledge of fragrances can still design their own perfume with great results by following along with the Fragrance Specialist.

We're a group of people just like you, who love discovering new and different fragrances. Fragrances can bring out so many memories and feelings and bond people together, we are here to bond with your team and share in their new creations. With over 100 fragrances we can also help you customize a Signature Scent for your event. There is nothing more exciting than creating something yourself, and we are here to help you create not just your own perfume, but also a unique experience.

***Note: All of our perfumes are 100% alcohol-free (we use only natural based carriers to mix our blends. We also use as many natural and high quality oils when available, opting to blend with essential oils whenever possible.


Pricing for the Fragrance Bar is $125 per hour, per Fragrance specialist. (2 hour minimum)

The Oxygen Bar

The Oxygen Bar along with our Zen Station can help make your event memorable along with meeting your event goals based on your activation of choice. Whether it’s maximizing a fun holiday event, foot traffic, building brand awareness, have fun at a holiday party, or team or client appreciation, we can easily incorporate the Oxygen Bar Experience into your event. Select from our standard Oxygen Bar or one of our Zen Station options to have your event stand out. .

The Oxygen Bar

The Oxygen Bar is powered by an Oxygen concentrator that produces 95% pure oxygen allowing guests to breathe 4 to 5 times the normal amount of oxygen. Relax as you choose one of the therapeutic oxygen aromas to help you relax and recharge. As you breathe in the Oxygen and enjoy the aromatherapy fragrances you will relax with our heated Shiatsu Neck Massagers that you can control and enjoy during your session which are 10 or 15 minutes.

A Few Benefits Of Oxygen

*Heightens concentration, alertness and memory ​

*Provides a natural remedy for headaches, migraines and hangovers

*Oxygen is vital to your immune system, memory, thinking and sight

*Relieves muscle stiffness, supports athletic performance

*Lessens Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and gives you better sleep patterns

*Oxygen gives you energy! 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, and only 10% from food and water

*Promotes healing and counters aging

*Strengthens your heart, reducing the risk of heart attacks

*Calms your mind and stabilizes your nervous system

*Speeds up the body’s recovery after physical exertion

*Relieves temporary altitude discomfort

*Improves digestion and cell metabolism


Breathing in non-medical, scented oxygen at an oxygen bar delivers 4 to 5 times the amount of oxygen present in normal air. The experience leaves clients feeling refreshed, full of energy and detoxified.

***Zen Stations***

Virtual Reality Experience

Embark upon a virtual journey of the world and enjoy the Caribbean Sea, the Swiss Mountains or Greek Islands while incorporating virtual reality with our Zen Station. This unique experience is sure to provide complete and total relaxation. Each guest is provided with our Virtual Reality (VR) headset loaded with multiple adventures that allows you to escape to paradise while relaxing at our Zen Station. (10 or 15 minute sessions)

Silent Disco With Oxygen Bar

You may have heard of a Silent Disco event but did you know there other ways you can incorporate this technology into Spa events? At Spa In Your Space, we have incorporated Silent Disco events into some of our Wellness Experiences that may include relaxing Spa Music or Guided Meditation. With Our Oxygen Bar, guests can enjoy a Guided Meditation that allows them to focus while blocking out other activities that may be going on in the space. The Oxygen Bar combined with our Silent Disco system provide a total relaxing experience that is unique and will stand out at any event. Inquire about including our Silent Events into your next function.

LED Light Treatment With Oxygen Bar

Incorporating LED Light Treatment with the Oxygen Bar is therapeutic, relaxing and a great addition to any event. Red light wavelengths are absorbed at a higher proportion by the skin tissue, making it especially effective for boosting skin health and increasing collagen production. The lights work by sending out red & near infrared light in a certain range of therapeutic wavelength and intensity. This treatment helps reduce oxidative stress, and stimulates cellular energy production.


Pricing for the Oxygen Bar begins at $125 per hour, per delivery unit. Contact SIYS for exact pricing based on your Zen station of choice.(3 hour minimum)

Technology Based Skincare

Our Technology Based Skin Care Experience is perfect for express treatments for events. Utilizing the latest Technology devices with highly effective skincare products our new technology based services are powerful and effective. In addition to our BT Micro Ultrasonic Treatment, BT Sonic microsonic cleansing brush and Oxygen Infusion services we are now offering 3D Skin Imaging & Analysis, Celluma LED Light Therapy and High Frequency Beard Treatment.essential oils whenever possible.

3D Skin Imaging & Analysis

PAllow your guests to experience superior image scanning and unparalleled skincare analysis. Each guest will receive an in-depth analysis of their skin with our high tech skin imaging device. The device captures a 3-D image of your skin and offers precise measurements in different categories such as oil & hydration levels, pore size, acne, hyperpigmentation and more. The analysis can be stored to compare your improvements after treatments. The device also provides personalized skincare products recommendations based on your results.

Celluma LED Therapy

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can be used to treat acne, fight wrinkles, and ease pain. The blue light penetrates through the epidermis and kills acne-causing bacteria. Red light goes into the dermal layer, which promotes collagen and elastin production that will improve skin tone and texture. The near-infrared light penetrates the deepest to increase micro-circulation and tissue repair and decreases inflammation and pain. Guests will also experience an overall improvement in skin texture, quality and smoothness of their skin. This service is performed while relaxing in our six foot portable facial bed.

A Few Benefits Of LED Therapy

*Reduces acne bacteria.

*Clears existing breakouts.

*Improves elasticity and firmness of skin.

*Stimulates collagen production.

*Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

*Improves circulation.

*Reduces inflammation and stiffness.

*Eases pain relating to arthritis, muscles, and joints.

High Frequency Beard Therapy Treatment

Often times people feel the beard is just there and does not need any special care or treatment. We understand your beard needs the same Self Care treatments as the rest of your body so we offer our High Frequency Beard Therapy Treatment. A High Frequency Comb is used to perform this service on the beard. The comb is moved on the entire beard. The advantages of doing this treatment is that the high frequency kills any bacteria or other foreign bodies on the skin preventing any infection. Moreover, the tingling and the vibration improves the blood circulation in the face and helps revitalize the dormant hair follicles. This leads to better hair growth, controls hair loss, helps with dehydration issues as well! This service concludes with a botanical beard oil that will give the beard a healthy sheen.)

Using the latest technology, this facial provides ultrasonic exfoliation and product penetration. This power-packed express treatment includes, cleansing, exfoliation, and our special Botox®-like serum that includes Hyaluronic acid and Collagen to hydrate and firm the skin, while reducing the appearance of expression aging.


Pricing for the Technology based Skincare services begin at $120 per hour, per Esthetician. (2 hour minimum)

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