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When planning your special day you realize you are also creating a special day and amazing memories for friends and family. Let us help you with unique experiences for your Wedding After Party, Bridal Shower and Wedding Reception. The Oxygen Bar and Fragrance Bar are unique experiences that are fun for all!

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The Ultimate Wedding Reception Activity

The Oxygen Bar

The Oxygen Bar is an excellent entertainment option that is sure to please. Give your guest a burst of energy during your event. The Oxygen Bar is offered with various aromatherapy fragrances and a relaxing heated Shiatsu Neck Massage that you can control and enjoy during your session. Your guests can receive 10 or 15 minute sessions which allows us to easily serve large groups.
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The New Wedding Experience

The Fragrance Bar

Enjoy a fun, interactive experience as you and your guests use our Fragrance Bar to create your very own Signature Scent on your memorable day. Our Fragrance Bar includes a Fragrance Specialist that will provide the basics of perfume making and will guide each guest through the process of creating their own signature scent to take home and enjoy. We can also work with the Bride and Groom to both create their Signature Scent. This Signature Scent can then be given to each of your guests as a wedding gift.

This unique experience will provide your guests with memories for years to come. Our Fragrance Bar has three options for you to select from.

Option 1:
Our Fragrance specialists will walk your guests through the process of creating their very own Signature Scent as a memory of your special day. (The Experience)

Option 2:
The Fragrance specialist will meet with the Bride & Groom beforehand to work with them on creating their very own Signature Scent for the wedding. These Signature Scents will be created before your event and pre-bottled so that the guests can select their Fragrance of choice while at the event. (Wedding Favors)

Option 3:
This option combines the services of Option 1 and Option 2. We would also have recipe cards for the guests to use as a reference to create various Fragrance options. It is recommended for larger groups to help ensure each guest receives a Fragrance bottle as a memory of this special day. (Walk-up Bar)

For Your Wedding Event The Fragrance Bar Includes:

* Beautifully Decorated Bar - Color themes upon request

* Elegant 10ml Perfume Bottle in Organza Bag for Each Guest - Standard White. Color Theme upon request

* Elegant 30ml Perfume Bottle for the Wedding Party

* Custom Label or Cards with Bride/Groom’s Name

* Custom Fragrance for Bride and Groom

* Fragrance Bar Specialist/Staff

* Choice of Coconut Oil Based or Alcohol Based Perfume

* 60 day lead time and deposit required for customization of color themes, labels and related items.

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